The Story of Adam (a.s) For Kids

The Story of Adam (a.s) For Kids

The Story of Adam (a.s) For Kids Free Download

“The Story of Adam (a.s)” Presented by Learning Roots. First book of a series of coloring  story book for children in English language. In these books you will learn about the lives of some of the best men that ever lived. These were men set by Allah.
You will learn why they were sent, who they were sent to, and what lessons we can learn from their lives. They are the Prophets. The first of them is Adam (a.s) and the Last of them is Muhammad Peace be upon him.
Inside this book you will see a map of the Prophets mentioned in the Noble Quran. Follow the path on the map carefully and look out for the names you have heard before.
You can download this book from the below mentioned links in pdf format to read offline.

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  1. I seek permission to use some pages in this book, particularly a couple of pictures, in my kids madrasah book.

    Is this possible

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