Bahishti Gohar By Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi

Bahishti Gohar
Bahishti Gohar (Diamond of the Heaven). Bahishti Gohar is an established and trusted book which has been authored to reflect specifically the problems envisaged by men. 
Bahishti Gohar which was written by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi is holding a high-flying position among all the books written on this topic. Though “Bahishti Gohar “ is ranked among the ancient books but it still enjoys  the same name & fame as it used to in its earlier era.  
This book is a perennial source of learning and do good to religious students, Ulema and particularly to those who have quest for Arabic.  Various prominent publishing agencies in the subcontinent have been publishing it from time to time.  However, it has deeply been felt since long that,  “Bahishti Gohar“ must be published in a way to make it corresponding to the present age requirements so as it may commensurate to the needs of religious teachers.Though it was a great challenge to publish a new edition of “Bahishti Gohar “  without tarnishing its original sense and keeping intact its logical sagacity and subject  matter.  Invoking mercy and assistance of Allah Almighty, the Idarat-ul-Bushra shouldered this challenge and initiated it under vigilance and strict command & control of outstanding and prominent Ulemas.  These Ulemas exercised their experience and knowledge and performed this religious duty with colossal prudence & probe. These Ulemas were also assigned the responsibility to re-investigated and confirm the status of marginalized “Fiqhi Masadir” and “Hadiths”. 
We pray that Allah Almighty may reward the author for his services to the religion and further elevate his religious degree to an unmeasured altitude.  Furthermore, we pray that Allah Almighty may also reward all those who have been contributing to the good cause of  Idarat-ul-Bushra in man & matter or in so many other ways and compensate them for the same.
You can download this book from the below mentioned link in Pdf format to read offline.

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