Pakistan Politics

The Political Parties of Pakistan By ABS Jafri

The Political Parties of Pakistan ‘The Political Parties of Pakistan’ book contains the complete introduction and history to all parties of Pakistan. It is the need of the moment in our country, standing as it is on the verge of yet another phase in its political evolution. Whether we like it or not, …

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Pakistan Main Intelligence Agencies Ka Siyasi Kirdar By Munir Ahmed

پاکستان میں انٹیلی جنس اجنسیوں کا سیاسی کردار تالیف: منیر احمد Pakistan Main intelligence Agencies Ka Siyasi Kirdar By Munir Ahmed This book contains secret information regarding the role of the Intelligence Agencies in the Pakistanin politics in Urdu. The book was written by Munir Ahmed. You can download this …

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Qiyam-e-Pakistan Ke Haqeeqi Asbab By Syed Nazar Zaidi

  Qiyam-e-Pakistan Ke Haqeeqi Asbab Written by Syed Nazar Zaidi. This book may be a comprehensive analysis to grasp the Hindu mental attitude against the Muslims of subcontinent. Qiyam-e-Pakistan Ke Haqeeqi Asbab book covers basic variations between the Hindus and Muslims and show us the Hindu mind was at work …

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