The Political Parties of Pakistan By ABS Jafri

The Political Parties of Pakistan eBook
The Political Parties of Pakistan
‘The Political Parties of Pakistan’ book contains the complete introduction and history to all parties of Pakistan. It is the need of the moment in our country, standing as it is on the verge of yet another phase in its political evolution. Whether we like it or not, the fact remains that the book has not offered any assistance to the average voters to know their importance and the crucial importance of their votes. 
What A B S Jafri has tried to do in this book may not be awfully profound, but it is urgently needed. It has been organized as prelude to a general election grand gala about to begin. The author is like the usher. As the voters arrive, he receives the honourable ladies and gentlemen and tries to help them to the polling booth, with a brief introduction to the parties and candidates, telling them not how to vote only who is really who and what is really what. For the rest, the voter is the sovereign.

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