Al Mukhtasar Ul Quduri

Al Mukhtasar Ul Quduri PDF Free Download

Al Mukhtasar Ul Quduri By Abul Hussain Al Imam Ahmad Bin Muhammad PDF Free Download

The author’s surname is Abul Hussain, and his name is Ahmad. He is popularly known as Imam Quduri. Born 362 AH

Scholars write that the author has written about twelve thousand problems of fiqh in this book.

The popularity of this book can be estimated by the fact that it has been read and taught for over a thousand years. This book is also included in the curriculum of all Islamic schools, which is a great sign of Allah’s acceptance of this book. Many scholars say that if any trouble or sorrow ever befalls anyone, reading this book will remove that trouble or sorrow. When Imam Quduri completed this book, he took it with him on the Hajj journey, and after circumambulating the House of Allah, he prayed to Allah that, O Allah, I have written this book for You, if I have made any mistakes. So please inform me about that. So, after praying, when he opened the book, some problems were erased in five or six places in the whole book. It turns out that these errors were eliminated through unseen help.

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