The Islamic World Islamic History Pdf Free Download

The Islamic World Islamic History Pdf Free Download

The Islamic World Islamic History PDF Free Download

The Islamic World, Islamic History Edited by Laura S. Etheredge. In this book, we will learn why Arabia was such fertile ground for the emergence of a new faith. In its pre-historical period (3000 BCE–500 CE), the dry Arabian Peninsula, most of which was unfavorable for settled agriculture, derived great wealth from its prime location at an important trade crossroads: caravans crisscrossed the desert bringing goods from China, India, and Africa in the East to trade as far as Spain in the West.

For centuries, Arabia’s residents served as middlemen in this trade; thus, although agricultural opportunity may have been limited, commercial opportunity was almost limitless. The Islamic World and Islamic History books also teach us much more about the Islamic world.

You will have the opportunity to explore the perils and promises of great empires, discover a profound and diverse cultural heritage, and learn what unites and separates different branches of the Islamic faith. And you will gain a new perspective on one of the world’s greatest and most enduring religions. Title in this series: Islamic Art, Literature, and Culture, Islam Battles and Practices.

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