Ghazawane Pashto Poetry Book By Amir Hamza Baba Free Download

Ghazawane Pashto Poetry Book By Amir Hamza Baba Free Download
Ghazawane Pashto Poetry Book

Ghazawane Pashto Poetry Book By
Amir Hamza Baba Free Download in Pdf 

Ghazawane is a book of Pashto
classical Poetry Amir Hamza Khan Shinwari Sahib, contains handsome collection
of Pashto romantic classic ghazals and poems in Pdf format.
Amir Hamza Shinwari, is one of
the legendry Pashto poet, scrip writer and a dramatist, is often referred to as
‘Baba-e-Ghazal’ (the father of Pashto Ghazal). Hamza Baba was born in Lwagi a
village of the rugged mountains of the Khyber agency near Peshawar. He opened
his eyes in the house of Malik Baz Mir Khan, Chief of the Ashraf Khel, a kin
group of Shinwari Pathan tribe, in December 1907. In the age of six years, he
was admitted to Government high school in Lwargi; from there, once he was
eight, he came to Peshawar and continued his education at Islamia Collegiate
School. Once he was in ninth class, he came to his village, and get married,
soon after, as per the Shinwari tradition of early wedding.
Hamza Baba, later on, joined
the British Government service as Passport Officer, later he worked as T.T.
Officer within the Railways department. Forced by his restless nature, he quit
the duty, and devoted his energies to shine and gloss over the inborn creator.
He visited the cosmopolitan town of Bombay-the Bollywood on India. There he
performed as a thief in a very silent film named ‘Falcon’: however unhappy
with, he came back to his country. And devoted his life to mysticism, below the
patronage and steerage of his Murshid (god father), sheik Abdul Satar Chesthi
referred to as ‘Bacha Khan’. Impressed by the wonderland of mysticism (Sufism),
that he known as the ‘haratabad, and a need to attain the impossible. He graven
a distinct segment within the awful of temple mysticism and lived there
permanently within the cloister of his soul.
Hamza Shinwari started his
career as a poet, when he was in 5th class. According to Hamza Baba, “my
poetic nature persuaded me, and I started poetry in Urdu.” The first ever
poetry of his life was in Urdu. But on the advice of his patron, Sheikh Abdul
Satar, he started poetry in his mother tongue, and devoted himself to the service
Amir Hamza Baba was an author
and prose writer of his category. He wrote additional or less four hundred
dramas. In keeping with Hamza Baba, he has written two hundred plays,
throughout his life long association with the All-India Radio that was
established in 1935. a number of his well-known plays are: Zamindar, Ahmad Shah
Abdali, Akhtar Mo Mobarak Shah, Dwa Bakhilan, Fateh Khan Rabia, Guman DA Eman
Zyan, Khan Bahadur, Khushal Khan Khattak, Khisto, Matali Shair, Maimona,
Muqabilla, Qurbani , Spinsare Paighla, Da Damano Khar, Da Chursiyano Badshah
and Jrandagarhe. however these square measure simply names and no additional,
as most of those manuscripts, for he two-handed over to the Radio in original
text, were lost or misplaced. He has written the scripts, songs and dialogues
of 3 mega-hit classical, namely: Laiala Majnoon, Paighla (the virgin) and
Allaqa Ghair each in 1960.
Hamza Baba has authored so many
books of varied subjects: some about philosophy of human life and mysticism,
other about love and romanticism, or ethics and social values. Starting with
short stories and essays, to some estimates, he has 30 books to his name,
including ten books in Urdu. These include: Tazkira-e-Sittaria, Tajjaliate
Mohammadia (the refulgence of Mohammad), Jabar Wa Ikhtiaar (Free will &
Predetermination), Nawe Chape (new waves), Tashheer da Kaiynat (conquest of the
universe), Wajud Wa Sujud (the essence of the apparent), Anna aur Ilm (ego and
knowledge) in Urdu and its Pashto version, Insany anna au poha (human ego and
knowledge), Zhwand (life) in Pashto and Zindagee in Urdu, and Da Weeno jam (cup
of blood). He has written travelogue of his journey to Afghanistan and Mecca.
He has translated Rehman Baba’s
Dewan (collection poetry) into Urdu, and two major Works-Armaghan-e-Hijaz and
Javed Nama of Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal, into
Pashto, in 1964 and 1967, respectively.
This book Ghazawane contains a
huge collection of Pashto traditional, social, and romantic ghazals, poems,
rubaiyat, charbetha and other folk songs. The book is in Pdf format and any one
can read on-line or download it from the below mentioned links for free.

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Poetry Book in PDF

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