Solution To Youth’s Problem By Asghar Ali Chowdhry

Solution To Youth’s Problem
Solution To The Youth’s Problem

Solution To Youth’s Problem By Asghar Ali Chowdhry  Pdf Free Download

Solution To Youth’s Problem is an Islamic book providing guideline to the youths of the modern era. This book is the translation of the famous Islamic Urdu book “Nowjawano Ke Masail Aur Unka Hal” and was written by Asghar Ali Chowdry. Translated into English by Badr Azimabadi.
There is no doubt that in no period of life an individual needs more guidance in his mental, spiritual and moral spheres that during his youth. But, unfortunately, this is great dearth of literature on this topic, and whatever we find is not suitably written with the result it utterly fails to arouse moral and psychological sense of righteousness and dutifulness. A few books on this subject are so tasteless and cheerless that the readers find it very difficult to go through them in spite of exercising great patience.
In this book the author to bring us the Islamic solution to the mental, moral and physical ailing of youths which are so varied in nature. This is a very useful book for one and all that it can be safely gifted to sons by fathers, pupils by teachers, brothers by brothers and friends by friends.
We trust, Allah willing, that on youth will afford to deviate from the right path and pull others back to the guided course of Islamic life.
May Allah grace the author of this book with His acceptance and also the youths with a will to make it guiding light in the dark moments of life.
You can read online and download this book in Pdf format to read offline by visiting the following link.

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