Praise for Sams Teach Yourself jQuery Mobile in 24 Hours

jQuery Mobile in 24 Hours P 

Praise for Sams Teach Yourself jQuery Mobile in 24 Hours PDF Free Download

There is little doubt that the way we currently access, use, and share the things we find online is going to continue to become more and more mobile. Every month thousands of new smart phones are activated and accompany their owners everywhere from trips to the grocery store to mountain hiking. As our thirst for connectivity expands into areas not possible a few years ago we need sites that deliver information quickly and easily, and that will work no matter what device we are u sing for access. This can be done with jQuery Mobile.
Built on the popular and stable jQuery framework, jQuery Mobile can be utilized to transform existing sites into mobile-friendly ones. If you do not have a site yet, don’t worry because starting out with a blank slate is a great way to see how simple and easy using jQuery Mobile is. Shortly you will have a site that handles as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.
Getting into mobile site development is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Even though the landscape is morphing as much for the mobile web as for the current desktop websites, using a framework like jQuery Mobile helps bridge the gaps between hardware and software platforms. This gives you the peace of mind that users can still use your site, even if they are on a legacy device that may fail to support many other sites today.
You’re not only going to learn how to use jQuery Mobile, you’re going to put it to work with scan able codes, videos, and CMS integration. Starting out with the basics we build a simple web page to display information about you. You’ll then kick it up a notch and learn how to customize your page by including a responsive layout so that small screen devices are shown content made just for them while tablet users get an optimized experience that takes advantage of the increased screen space. You also learn how to detect mobile devices and route them to special directories or sections of your site based on the User Agent.
Mobile users also enjoy the use of rich site content, including videos that improve the user experience by providing a visual guide to a product or service. You learn about embedding videos as well as encoding video so that they play back on mobile devices as well as the pros and cons for each method.
If you are in marketing looking into the viability of a mobile project or endeavor, you’ll enjoy learning about the use of scannable codes to help track and direct mobile users to specific sites, videos, or text messages. These codes can be printed in magazines, manuals, and on product packaging to help users learn more about your product or to sign up for updates.
As you progress hour by hour, you get a great foundation for mobile site development as well as gain valuable insight through the tricks, tips, and warnings scattered throughout. Twenty-four hours from now you’ll have a greater understanding of mobile site development and what needs to be done to get your next project mobilized and into the hands of millions.
This book is straightforward. It starts here in the introduction, and then moves on into the first hour. There are 24 lessons, each of which should take about an hour to complete. I tried to set up the book not only as a lesson guide, but also as a handy reference guide that you can keep around once you are finished. As each hour covers a portion of the jQuery Mobile framework along with examples, this book should prove useful even if you use it only for reference. While it is possible to quaff an energy drink or two and have this entire book finished in one go, I’d honestly recommend you give your subconscious some time to process the concepts you learn in each hour.
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