Ghunchay Pashto Poetry Book By Syed Khaliqdad Umeed

Ghunchay Pashto Poetry Book
غُنچے از سیدخالقداد اُمید

Ghunchay Pashto Poetry Book of Syed Khaliqdad Umeed

“Ghunchay” is a beautiful Pashto poetry for children based on Children education, written by Syed Khaliqdad Umeed published in 2012. Syed Khaliqdad Umeed is a well-known Pashto poet, writer, Actor and Director of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is the author of several book on different issues usually faced by almost peoples in the Pashtun society. 
In this book (Ghunchay) education has been given to the grown up kids in Pashto poetry form, whereas in his book “STURI“, the standard level was for the teenagers.
Click on the link mentioned below to download the book in PDF format.

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