Sturi (Stars) By Syed Khaliq Dad Umeed

Sturi (Stars) Sturi (Stars) By Syed Khaliq Dad Umeed Free Download Sturi (Stars) is a Pashto poetry book for kids  written by Khaliq Dad Umeed. Pashto learning book in poetry form for children. Read online Download

Ghunchay Pashto Poetry Book By Syed Khaliqdad Umeed

غُنچے از سیدخالقداد اُمید Ghunchay Pashto Poetry Book of Syed Khaliqdad Umeed “Ghunchay” is a beautiful Pashto poetry for children based on Children education, written by Syed Khaliqdad Umeed published in 2012. Syed Khaliqdad Umeed is a well-known Pashto poet, writer, Actor and Director of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is the …

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Qisa Da Aladdin Chiragh By Syed Mastan Shah

Qisa Da Aladdin Chiragh Qisa Da Aladdin Chiragh by Syed Mastan Shah Ghamgeen pdf Aladdin Chiragh is an amazing story of a magical lamp for kids in Pashto language which is  written by Syed Mastan Shah Ghamgeen. An interesting legendary of Alif Laila dastan. Aladdin Ka Chiragh legendary is the …

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