Salat An Islamic Yoga And Meditation By Atiqur Rehman

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  The practice of Yoga is integrated with the Islamic life, especially the offering of Salat (Namaz) as they assist one another due to similarity in their performances. Islam and Yoga together make a mutually beneficial combination. In both, there is emulation of reaching its ultimate goal of spiritual satisfaction and salvation.
A conception is found among certain people that yoga is a religion. A French author named Jean Dechanet linked it to his Catholic faith and authored the book, ‘Christian Yoga’ (New York: Haper, 1960). Yoga came to be known from the matrix of the Hindu world, whereas in accordance with Mircea Eliade, it is the innovation of pre-Hindu world and can be recollected to prehistoric sorcery. Hence, alike India’s other advantages to the world civilization, e.g. the system of place notation, on which all mathematics bank upon, yoga is not linked to the Hindu religion, but it has got a universal recognition. No performance of prayer (other than those of Islamic) in the world resembles with the movements or asanas of yoga as they have got similitude with those of postures and movements in Salat, because it (yoga) has a particular attachment to Islam that makes for an interesting study and implementation on it.
However, alike other misconceived people, Jean Dechanet ignored the fact, that yoga is a set of techniques and skills that spread and perpetuate the practice of this exercise by following the movements as found in execution of Salat in Islam. From the angle of physical exercise, it is then obvious that Salat is actually an Islamic yoga since the majority of the movements in yoga are followed in the same way as they are executed while offering Salat. Thus, it is better to offer Salat punctually and properly; it will automatically cover the skills of yoga, used in improving one’s health and envigouring the the physique.
This book provides a comprehensive information regarding Islamic prayer and human health in English language.
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