An Easy Step By Step Guide on Hajj


Title of the book is “An Easy Step By Step Guide on Hajj” Written by Mufti Afzal Hossen Elias.

book will comprise of the major aspects concerning the laws of Hajj, practical
tips about travel, stay, procedure in the Kingdom, what to do and what not do, so
that it will serve as a handy guide and it will alleviate hidden fears
especially for the first timer, Insha Allaah. For those who have already made
this trip it will serve as a revision and also an update.

book intends to share information on Hajj for the young and old, healthy and
sick, children and incapacitated, male and female, first-timer and one who goes
often, for one going walking or traveling by bus.
comments, suggestions or criticism are always welcomed.
in English language, download in pdf format to read offline.


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