Fazail-e-Tijaarat (Virtues of Merchandise)

Title name of the book is “Fazail-e-Tijaarat” (Virtues of Merchandise). Written by Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhalwi (Rah) and translated into English by Muhammad Yousuf Karaan.
It is reported in a Hadith that the acquisition of Halal (Pure and clean) earnings is a duty upon the Muslims, which is only secondary to the other fundamental principles of Islam like Salaat, Zakaat and Hajj etc. In other words, although it is a Muslim’s duty to acquire halal earnings, this duty is not of exactly the same status as the other incumbent duties, such as the five pillars.
Fadhail e Tijarat is an Islamic book during which you’ll be able to browse and fined Virtues of the Business، suggests that for livelihood, importance of legitimacy trading and wish restraint of false whereas trading. This book is additionally containing some stories of the Islamic Elders being prime businessmen of his time . Learn the Islamic orders concerning business in Urdu language. Download the entire book in pdf format.
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Fazail-e-Tijaarat in Urdu
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