Raag Ka Badan By Ilyas Seetapuri

Title name of the book is “Raag Ka Badan” Written by Ilyas Seetapuri. A beautiful collection of historical, religious and romantic stories, containing 4 complete novels in Urdu language.
1. Gandam Ka Khumar (Effect of Wheat)
Every Muslim is aware of that Islam has essentially has 5 pillars; however, there’s additionally a sixth pillar that is incredibly necessary. Allauddin Khilgi’s epoch is astonishing and wonderful that has presented the human’s instincts during a wonderful vogue and also the history would be remembered for an extended time and amount that is unforgettable.
2. Dusmani Ka Ahad Nama (The Enmity Agreement)
In the amount of the Afghan King “Nadir Shah” there was 2 friends whose had done the distinctive friendship agreement, however each were created the enjoying toy within the hands of circumstances and events. the increase and fall of destiny, a didactic story that is realistic and unbelievable, the author had wrote this story in terribly untouched format due to his good command on history and Urdu language.    
3. Samarkand Ka Aqaab (The Samarkand Lark)
Amir Timur the great and Bayazid thunder of Turkey, When each were met against one another, the western thunder had played that role which may not bone the human’s heart and mind. The soul injuring events and story is enough for the human nature. The each stunning figure showed the attention-grabbing legend which may not forgotten until currently.
4. Raag Ka Badan (The Ashes Body, A classical Dancer)
Romantic story of the ‘Roop Mathi’ and ‘Baz Bahadur’ of Malva. Whenever, the Roopmati has performed dance before Baz Bahadur, he might facilitate to feel his sentiments that couldn’t bore him, he felt like hearth throughout his body. Baz Bahdur was a ruler and he did each issue for his beloved Roop however he was helpless before his fortune that was his dangerous luck.  His unhappy story keeps bound facts which may not be ignored or left at any forged, as a result of reality could be a mirror and also the readers will decide the events a lot of that others. Download all 4 novels in one pdf file to read offline.

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