Mobile Messaging, Technologies and Services, SMS, EMS, MMS

Title of the book is “Mobile Messaging, Technologies and Services, SMS, EMS, MMS”. Written by Gwenael Le Bodic Ph.d.

The advent of Cellular Mobile Communications can little question go down in history mutually of the foremost vital ‘inventions’ that passed within the twentieth century and has had a colossal impact on how we have a tendency to conduct our business and social lives.The main attraction for GSM within the late Nineteen Eighties was that it might give mobility for speech communications. Some spare unused capability within the signaling channel was identified and thus within the background, the GSM standards body invented a straightforward ‘two approach pager like’ messaging service referred to as the Short Message Service (SMS). SMS had issues of latency owing to its ‘store and forward’ characteristics and conjointly a severe bandwidth drawback of one hundred sixty characters. Disparaging comments emerged like ‘Why would you wish to send a text message to someone instead of confer with them?’Little did the proponents of such ‘messages of gloom’ or the inventors of SMS notice the impact that SMS would have on GSM customers and network operators’ revenue streams at intervals a decade.Today, many many short messages are sent daily and SMS is that the biggest revenue generator for many network operators apart from speech.The growth of SMS traffic has been slowing over the past 2 years and has been showing signs of reaching a plateau at intervals following year or 2. this might be attributed to the very fact that SMS is getting down to appear as if an recent technology as a result of, with the appearance of 3GPP, the main target has shifted to a way more refined messaging service referred to as the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).Network operators recognized the {requirement} to encourage more growth in SMS while awaiting MMS and one mechanism to deal with this requirement, and conjointly give customers with a brand new SMS expertise, was the invention of the improved Messaging Service (EMS) by the 3GPP standards body throughout the past twelve months. This has not de-focused the eye on MMS and can hopefully give SMS users with a brand new expertise and an introduction to MMS.The invention of MMS has brought new challenges for its inventors. For the primary time, the net and also the mobile telecommunications environments should be merged. this can need a amendment within the cultural thinking of the normal users of those 2 terribly completely different worlds. for instance, the net doesn’t appear to understand any bounds of bandwidth or storage capability and also the general perception is that the employment of the net is ‘free’. in contrast, the mobile telecommunications atmosphere is proscribed in terms of bandwidth, storage capability and also the value for using it’s in no way ‘free’ and is unlikely to be.Despite such variations, MMS has been identified as being the foremost vital service for 3GPP. it’s no choice however to reach order to satisfy the general public expectations for mobile access to the net and for the communication of varied message media sorts already in widespread use on the net.The twenty first century has scarcely begun. What bigger testimony to the inventors and developers of MMS may there be if by the tip of the twenty first century, 3GPP MMS was heralded as being one in all the foremost vital inventions of that age.

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