The Laws Of Cricket Official 200 Code 2nd Edition 2013

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The Laws of Cricket Official 2000 Code 2nd Edition

Free download The Laws of Cricket Official 2000 Code 2nd Edition pdf

    The game of Cricket has been governed by a series of Codes of Law for over 250 years. These Codes have been subject to additions and alternations recommended by the governing authorities of the time. Since its formation in 1787, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has been recognized as the sole authority for drawing up the Code and for all subsequent amendments. The Club also holds the World copyright.
   The basic laws of cricket have stood remarkably well the test of well over 250 years of playing the game. It is thought the real reason for this is that cricketers have traditionally been prepared to play in the Spirit of the game as well as in accordance with the Laws.
   In 2000, MCC revised and re-wrote the laws for the new Millennium.In this code, the major innovation was the introduction of the Spirit of Cricket as a preamble to the laws. Whereas in the past it was assumed that the implicit spirit of the game was understood and accepted by all those involved, MCC felt it right to put into words some clear guidelines, which help to maintain the unique character and enjoyment of the game. The other aims were to dispense with the Notes, to incorporate all the points into the laws and to remove, where possible, any ambiguities,  So that captains, players and umpires could continue to enjoy the game at whatever level they might be playing. MCC consulted widely with all the full member countries of the International Cricket Council, the Governing Body of the game. There was close consultation with the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers. The Club also brought in umpires and players from all round the world. 
  This latest version, The Laws of Cricket (2000 Code 2nd Edition 2003) includes several necessary amendments arising from experience and practical application of the Code around the world since October 2000. 

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