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Tatarion Ki Yalghar Novel By Harold Lamb

Tatarion Ki Yalghar Novel The March of the Barbarians By Harold Lamb in Urdu Tatarion Ki Yalghar novel is the story of the barbarian hordes who conquered half the earth and changed the face of the word. An Urdu version of the famous and interesting historical novel “The March of the Barbarians” of Harold lamb. […]

Changez Khan history in Urdu

Changez Khan history in Urdu PDF Free Download  “Changez Khan” Written by Maqsood Sheikh. A complete biography and history of Changez Khan Mangol General. His real name was “Tamojan” which meaning is “The Iron Worker”. He was born in 1162 in the Reagen of “Aanan” . This book is complete life story of Changez Khan […]