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Kana Dajjal By Ahmad Mustafa Qasim

 Kana Dajjal Islamic Urdu book Kana Dajjal Islamic book By Ahmad Mustafa Qasim pdf free download Title of the book is “Kana Dajjal” (کانا دجّال) One Eyed Antichrist. Written by Ahmad Mustafa Qasim Al-Tahtavi. Translated into Urdu by Qari Yasim Qadri. This book contain complete authentic information regarding “Dajjal” the nearest contentious of the doom […]

Dajjal By Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni

Book name is “Dajjal, The Judeo-Christian ‘Civilization’!”. Written by Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni. Translated from Bangla by Ummut Tijan Makhduma Panni.  Over the last thousand and four hundred years, the coming of the one-eyed giant, the Dajjal, has remained the topic of numerous discussions and debates in Moslem households all over the world. However, the […]