Nahw Meer Urdu By Nazir Hussain Ibn Usman

Nahw Meer Urdu By Nazir Hussain Ibn Usman

Nahw Meer Urdu By Nazir Hussain Ibn Usman Hathorvi Download In PDF Format

The original text of Nahw Meer is in the Persian language. This book is an Urdu edition of Nahw Meer with some important additions, which is why it is named Nahw Meer Urdu. To increase the book’s usefulness, the author has copied the practice questions of Maulana Abdullah Saheb Gangohi’s book Tasheel un Nahw without any reduction, after a big part of the book of Nahw Meer. The author says that we have done this because our intention is also that, with the blessing of two blessed books, Nahw meer and Tasheel un nahw, may Allah accept our effort too.

Nahw Meer is like a backbone for learning Ilm e Nahw. The author realised that some places in the Book of Nahw Meer needed definitions and more rules for beginners. So, the author prepared the notes of Book Nahw Meer for the convenience of himself and his students by using some books. The author read these books and prepared these notes:
Hawashi e Nahw meer

Kitab un nahwa

Imdad un nahw

Hidayat un nahw

Tadrees un nahw

Jame ud duroos and

Al Nahw al wafi.

The book under review is the notes that were composed later.

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