110 Mujarab Istikhare by Muhammad Ayaz Muzmal Hussain Shah

110 Mujarab Istikhare by Muhammad Ayaz Muzmal Hussain Shah Pdf Free Download

110 Mujarab Istikhare by Muhammad Ayaz Muzmal Hussain Shah Pdf Free Download

110 Mujarab Istikhare, authored by Muhammad Ayaz Muzmal Hussain Shah. The book “110 Mujarab Istikhare” is a comprehensive guide that delves into the mystical practice of Istikhara, offering invaluable insights into this age-old tradition. This book is your key to unlocking the secrets of important life decisions, from engagements to marriages and starting a business, through using the lucky number Istikharas.

One of the central themes explored in this book is the timing of Istikhara’s prayers. Readers will discover the ideal days and moments for performing Istikhara, enabling them to harness the divine guidance when it matters most. The book not only explains the essence of Istikhara but also provides a step-by-step method to perform it effectively.

Readers seeking financial stability and abundance will find guidance on obtaining numbers through alignment and a lower process for lucky numbers. The author delves into unique methods, including Istikhara by Hamzad, Istikhara by one’s own name, and Istikhara by Kashf, offering a diverse range of spiritual tools for decision-making.

Furthermore, “110 Mujarab Istikhare” delves into Istikhara using various Quranic verses and divine names. From Surah Mudassar to the verse “Hayy Qayyum,” readers will explore a multitude of Istikhara techniques, each with its own spiritual significance.

This book is a must-read if you’re prepared to face life’s major crossroads with assurance and divine direction. It provides access to a realm of mysticism and spirituality that can enable you to make wise decisions when they count. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the intricate world of Istikhara through the wisdom and guidance provided by Muhammad Ayaz Muzmal Hussain Shah in this insightful book.

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