Mukhtasar Tareekh e Afghanistan – Professor Sahibzada Hameedullah

Mukhtasar Tarikh e Afghanistan - Professor Sahibzada Hameedullah

Mukhtasar Tareekh e Afghanistan – Professor Sahibzada Hameedullah Read online Free Download

Mukhtasar Tareekh e Afghanistan (English: A Brief History of Afghanistan) is a book by Professor Sahibzada Hameed Ullah. The book provides a concise overview of the history of Afghanistan. It covers various aspects of Afghanistan’s history, including its geographical location, cultural heritage, struggles against foreign forces, and notable events.
Professor Sahibzada Hameed Ullah was a renowned research scholar and writer known for his expertise in history and biography. He authored several books that focused on historical subjects, showcasing his dedication to thorough research and insightful writing. His works often shed light on significant events and figures worldwide.
In “Mukhtasar Tarikh e Afghanistan,” Professor Hameed Ullah likely delves into Afghanistan’s history of resistance against occupying forces, its cultural significance, and the country’s challenges. The mention of Afghanistan’s association with drugs and warlords in the book’s description also explores some of the complex contemporary issues the country has dealt with.
Overall, this book is a valuable resource for readers interested in gaining a brief but informative understanding of Afghanistan’s history and its cultural and socio-political dynamics.

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