Jang Aur Aman by Leo Tolstoy

Jang Aur Aman by Leo Tolstoy Free Download

Jang Aur Aman by Leo Tolstoy Free Download

“Jang Aur Aman” is a masterpiece of world literature by Russian author Leo Tolstoy. It is considered one of the most significant literary works of the 19th century and Tolstoy’s magnum opus. Initially published in Russian in 1869, this novel has since been translated into numerous languages and gained global recognition.

The novel’s storyline is set between 1805-1812, during Napoleon Bonaparte’s Russian invasion. The author brilliantly portrays the complex relationship between the French and the Russians and the resulting wars. The novel’s primary focus is on the characters and their lives, struggles, joys, and sorrows. The novel’s historical accuracy and the author’s vivid portrayal of the characters and their struggles make it a timeless classic.

Tolstoy’s intention behind this novel was to provide an accurate account of the Napoleonic wars. This was opposed to the distorted narratives presented by historians of his time. He wanted to portray the period and the people who lived through it realistically. Tolstoy was a realist writer who believed in representing the world as it was, with all its imperfections.

The novel has about 580 characters, each with a distinct personality, background, and story. The main characters are aristocrats, including the Bolkonsky, Rostov, and Bezukhov families. The novel follows the characters’ story as they navigate love, war, and politics. The author’s skill at creating multi-dimensional characters and exploring their internal conflicts and self-talk adds depth to

The novel is divided into four parts, each focusing on a different theme. The first part is about the impending war with Napoleon, the second part is about the war itself, the third part focuses on the aftermath of the war, and the fourth part deals with the resolution of the main characters’ storylines.

Tolstoy’s writing style is descriptive and immersive, and he skillfully weaves together historical events with fictional narratives. His use of imagery, dialogue, and atmosphere vividly portrays the time period and the people who lived through it. The length of over 1,000 pages may seem daunting, but the captivating storyline and dynamic characters make it a compelling read.

Faisal Awan’s Urdu translation of “War and Peace” gives Urdu-speaking readers access to this timeless classic. His translation captures the original work’s essence and presents it in a way accessible to Urdu readers. The translation introduces the Urdu-speaking community to Tolstoy’s greatness and allows them to appreciate the novel’s historical significance and literary value.

In short words, “Jang Aur Aman” is a monumental piece of literature that has stood the test of time. Tolstoy’s realistic portrayal of characters and events and masterful storytelling make this novel a timeless classic. Faisal Awan’s Urdu translation of this novel has made it accessible to Urdu-speaking readers, allowing them to appreciate its greatness and significance.

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