Gulona Takalona By Ajmal Khattak

Guloona Takalon Cover
Gulona Takalona By Ajmal Khattak
“Gulona Takalona” is a Pashto poetry book of Ajmal Khattak. A really lovely and classical Pashto poetry that is written by this nice Pashto poet throughout his keep in an exceedingly hospital of Czechoslovakia. Ajmal Khattak was an excellent politician, poet and journalist who worked for the betterment of Pakhtuns. Most of your time the political parties ignored their active members and this angle caused huge loss not solely to their party however to the state. The services rendered by him for the Pakhtun cause would be remembered for a protracted time. He was a committed political worker who suffered imprisonment and self-exile for years attributable to his robust convictions. “But he was additionally a literary man, having revealed variety of books of prose and poetry, largely in Pashto and a few in Urdu. The late Ajmal wasn’t solely a poet however was additionally an excellent journalist and politician. Ajmal Khattak highlighted the miseries of Pakhtuns through his poetry and was one in every of the staunch believers of Bacha Khan’s philosophy of non-violence.

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Gulona Takalona Pashto poetry book is posted here just for reference and educational purpose. If you actually love books please support the writers/poets and get the initial laborious copies from the book seller of your native market.
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