Sadiq Az Deccan Novel By Ilyas Sitapuri

Sadiq Az Deccan Novel
Sadiq Az Deccan Novel

Sadiq Az Deccan Novel By Ilyas Sitapuri Pdf

Sadiq az Deccan is the story of Mir Sadiq of Deccan. Mir Sadiq and Mir jafar was tow famous traitors in the history of subcontinent. For these two persons Allam Iqbal Allama Iqbal wrote in his poetry  about their treachery in these words, “Jaffar az Bengal, Sadiq az Deccan; nang-e-deen, nang-e-millat, nang-e-watan” which mean Mir Jafar of Bengal and Mir Sadiq of Deccan are a disgrace to the faith, a disgrace to Nation, a disgrace to Country. British with the help of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq were able to conquer Bengal and kingdom of Mysore.
Ilyas Sitapuri was written this historical novel with great consists and very untouched form of writing. You can download this interesting novel from the below mentioned link in Pdf format to read offline.

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