The Ideal Muslim Husband By B. Aisha Lemu

The Ideal Muslim Husband By B. Aisha Lemu PDF Free Download
The Ideal Muslim Husband

The Ideal Muslim Husband By B. Aisha Lemu PDF Free Download

Much ink has., been spilled, and much breath spent in defining the role of Muslim women, the rights of Muslim women the duties of Muslim women, and what constitutes an ideal Muslim wife. Maybe because there has been so much misunderstanding of the role of women, we seem to give it special emphasis in lectures and books. However since men and women are inter-dependent it is not wise to concentrate on one and remain silent about the other.
A lecture on “The Ideal Muslim Husband” written by B. Aisha Lemu British Scholar and writer. Many men seem to feel that womenfolk., and their wives in particular, should be ideal Muslims, while they themselves and their fellow men behave as they like without reference to the Qur’ an and Sunnah, and unchallenged by the Shari’ah.
This paper is therefore intended to redress the balance, to turn the spotlight on to the men, so that they may be aware of the Islamic standard for an ideal husband, and try to reach that standard as much as they wish their wives to reach the standard of an ideal Muslim wife.
The obvious place to look for these standards of behaviour is in the Qur’an and Hadith.
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