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The Handbook of More Business Letters

The Handbook of More Business Letters

The Handbook of More Business Letters Ann Poe PDF Free Download

The Handbook of more business
letter contains up to 300 time-saving model business letters. The McGraw-Hill
Handbook of More Business Letters helps you smoothly and effectively handles
just about any business scenario you’ll ever encounter. From hard-working sales
letters to contract negotiations, nondisclosure agreements, requests for
payment and scores more! Author Ann Poe who also wrote the popular McGraw-Hill
Handbook of Business Letters.
The letters we write are a
reflection of ourselves, who we are and how we conduct our business. Our
letters help us get customers, keep customers, communicate with employees, and
show our associates that they are appreciated.
We want our letters to be
professional without being cold, comfortable and familiar without being cute.
We want a response perhaps a sale to a new customer, or payment on an overdue
invoice from another customer. Or we want to maintain a good business relationship
by thanking one person for a tip or congratulating another on a promotion.
Business letters have changed.
They tend to be shorter and more to the point, and we write more of them. We no
longer have time to impress the addressee with our stylish and perfectly
crafted letter. We are pressured to write quickly so we can deal with the next
situation, and the next, and the next.
The ways we write have changed,
too. Other than adding our signature to a document or filling out a form, we
rarely write in longhand anymore. Instead we ”process words” on a
computer. We no longer have assistants to take our dictation and correct our
spelling and grammar mistakes we have to do it ourselves. We use our computers
to compose, edit, and print our letters, then send them via electronic mails
fax, e-mail, and voice mail.
These are still written
communications (even voice mail is best approached that way), and the
principles of good letter writing apply. Communication technology changes, but
the need to send an effective message and maintain good relationships with our
customers and associates remains the same.
You can download The
McGraw-Hill handbook of more business letters book from the below mentioned
link in PDF to learn offline.

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