Qadeem Khazane Ki Talash By Rukhsana Nazli

Qadeem Khazane Ki Talash

Urdu Novel Qadeem Khazane Ki Talash By Rukhsana Nazli

Qadeem Khazanay Ki Talaash (Search / look for Ancient Treasure) is an Urdu kids adventure novel, may be a pictorial huge Urdu story of 2 very little kids, on their visit to the Egypt with their oldsters started journey of look for an ancient Egypt treasure, hidden in pyramids.  10 years ago, Maani and his elder sister Shaazi is the 2 young adventurers of this story. This is often the interpretation by Rukhsana Nazli of the story Michael Manley Meets a Mummy by L. James and Ken Seamo Joan. The story can take our young readers into the paranormal world of ancient egeypt, exploring the hidden methods, finding ways that into mazes, resolution riddles, meeting mummies and finding the treasure.
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