Cloud Architecture Patterns By Bill Wilder

Title of the book is “Cloud Architecture Patterns” Develop Cloud Native Applications. Written by Bill Wilder.

This book focuses on the development of cloud-native applications. A cloud-native application is architected to take advantage of specific engineering practices that have proven successful in some of the world’s largest and most successful web properties.
Many of these practices are unconventional, yet the need for unprecedented scalability and efficiency inspired development and drove adoption in the relatively small number of companies that truly needed them. After an approach has been adopted successfully enough times, it becomes a pattern. In this book, a pattern is an approach that can be duplicated to produce an expected outcome. Use of any of the patterns included in this book will impact the architecture of your application, some in small ways, and some in large ways.
This book is written for those who wish to become involved in—conversations around software architecture, especially cloud architecture. The audience is not limited to those with “architect” in their job title. The material should be relevant to developers, CTOs, and CIOs; more technical testers, designers, analysts, product managers, and others who wish to understand the basic concepts.
This book includes patterns useful for architecting cloud-native applications. This book is not focused on how to (beyond what is needed to understand), but rather about when and why you might want to apply certain patterns, and then which features in Windows Azure you might find useful. This book intentionally does not delve into the detailed implementation level because there are many other resources for those needs, and that would distract from the real focus: architecture.
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