A Model For A Muslim Youth in the Story of Joseph (Yousuf)

Title name of the book is “A Model for a Muslim Youth in the story of Joseph” (Yousuf peace be upon him). Written by Muhammad Shakir Saeed. Translated in to English by Khalid Ibraheem al-Dossary. The story of Prophet Yousuf (peace be upon him), is considered to be a beacon for youth in particular. It contains crucial situations showing truthfulness and chasitity in the face of instinctive motives and natural desires. Joseph (Yousuf), was able to stand in the face of temptations, even though all the enticing elements were present. He was a young person, in a strange land, unmarried, and he was commanded by a beautiful woman with high position calling him to herself in total secrecy, threatening him with prison and humiliation if he did not do what she wanted. With all these tempting circumstances, he chose to be patient and preferred the way of Allah.   Download in pdf format to read offline.
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