Tareekh Ibn Kaseer Urdu Complete 16 Volumes

Tareekh Ibn Kaseer Urdu

Tareekh Ibn Kaseer Urdu Complete 16 Volumes Pdf Free Download 

Tareekh Ibn Kaseer OR Tareekh-e-Ibne Kathir is an authentic Islamic history book which was written by Allama Hafiz Abu Al-Fida, Imad-ud-Din, Ibn Kaseer Damashqi of Basra, Syria.
Tareekh Ibn Kaseer is an authoritative source on Islamic history. A facet of the book is that it not solely deals with past events, but conjointly speculates regarding future events mentioned by Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam). The various volumes of the book affect the start of creation and therefore the sending of man upon the planet per Islam, the life of the Prophet of Islam, and therefore the times of the Sahabah (Rasulullah’s companions) up to the eighth century. The last volume records predictions of future events like signs of the Day of Judgment when Muslims believe folks enter Jannah or Jahannam. 
An Urdu translation of this popular book is hereby added for you, which was translated by Professor Kokab Shadani. You can download Tareekh Ibn Kaseer Urdu complete 16 volumes from the below-mentioned links in Pdf format to read offline.

Volume 1      

Volume 2      

Volume 3     

Volume 4      

Volume 5       

Volume 6      

Volume 7     

Volume 8      

Volume 9      

Volume 10   

Volume 11    

Volume 12    

Volume 13    

Volume 14   

Volume 15    

Volume 16

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