Veeran Haweeli Ka Asaib Novel By A Hameed

Veeran Haweeli Ka Asaib Novel By A Hameed

Novel Title: Veeran Haweeli Ka Asaib

Writer: A Hameed


“Veeran Haweeli Ka Asaib” is a gripping two-part horror novel by the acclaimed Urdu writer, A Hameed. This bone-chilling narrative revolves around the hauntingly deserted mansion, evoking an intense amalgamation of suspense, horror, and adventure. The mysterious characters and the bizarre events in the lonely mansion form the crux of this paranormal tale.

The novel dives deep into the innate human emotion of fear, revealing how it lurks within every individual, only to surface during specific circumstances. It touches upon beliefs in alien and supernatural forces, exploring how they shape people’s worldviews. Through this narrative, Hameed critiques superstition and directs the reader’s focus towards a more divine entity, Allah, suggesting a religious perspective on these fears and experiences.
Hameed’s signature writing style shines throughout this gripping tale. His vast repertoire, including a range of novels, short stories, biographies, and dramas, is enriched with extensive historical and geographical insights, lending his stories an unparalleled depth and authenticity. “Veeran Haweeli Ka Asaib” is another testament to Hameed’s storytelling prowess, destined to leave its readers on the edge of their seats, completely engrossed in the supernatural world.

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