Discourses on Islamic Way of Life Volume 2 By Justice Taqi Usmani

Book title is “Discourses on Islamic Way of Life” Volume 2. Written by Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani. This is the translation of the reformative speeches of Mufti Justice Mawlana Muhammad Taqi Usmani may Allah prolong his benefits over us. He has been given these lectures for about ten years every week at the Bait ul Mukarram Masj id, Karachi. Those who attend these lectures gain much knowledge theoretically and practically. I, too, attend these lectures and have been deriving much advantage. These lectures are being recorded on audio cassettes and books are published subsequently. These cassettes and books cater to those who understand the Urdu language.
All the books posted here are only for reference and academic functions solely. If you actually love books please support the writers/poets and get the initial laborious copies from the book seller of your native market.

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