Firaon Part 1 By M.A Rahat

Title of the novel is “Firaon” Part 1. Written by M.A Rahat. An Urdu historical novel. An exciting and shocking fiction for people who take interest within the ancient history of Egypt.
The most mysterious land of the universe where centuries are still alive, the land of million secrets, the land of pharaohs that having the whole history of Egypt. An amazing story of a mysterious researcher, whose book are self explanatory. Who was Professor ‘Zagh’? whether or not he was an individual’s being or an evil?
A strange and mysterious bird “Shala Shalai” who was a lot of crafty than the soul.
An amazing story of such a virgin whose presence was a novel secret behind the six thousand years history. She was the prisoner of the time and ancient souls were her custodian. The custodian soul “Antaria” of the traditional history of Egypt, within the new trendy era. A sacred secret, for knowing that the historians were even able to die.
Cleopatra 2nd placed adorned her enemies in coffins once killing them. She was summoned by the court of souls and he or she went into the past of 600 years come again. To scan the whole story, download 2 components of the novel in pdf format.

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