Da Rahman Baba Diwan Pdf

Da Rahman Baba Diwan Pdf Free Download


Da Rahman Baba Diwan Pdf Free Download

Da Rahman Baba Diwan collection of Classic religious Pashto poetry of Abdur Rehman Baba  the great Pashto sofi poet. You can download the complete deewan of Rehman Baba in pdf format from the following link.


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  1. please send me the password also, my email add is "ehsanramzan_6@yahoo.com"

  2. Password is already added in the post under the download link.
    Enjoy and keep visiting my blog.

  3. Both of the download links are not working. Please rectify this issue.
    I have this book on mediafire.com and like to share it with you. Am I allowed to do so?

  4. Aizaz, Thanks for this error reporting. Download link to this book has been updated by the admin.

  5. GMK: This book is not protected with password. Please download again in pdf format. The Admn has removed the password. Thanks

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