Khutbat e Faqeer 26 Volumes Complete By Maulana Pir Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi

Khutbat e Faqeer Complete
Khutbat e Faqeer

Khutbat e Faqeer  26 Volumes Complete By Maulana Pir Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi Free download in Pdf.

Khutbat e Faqeer is a collection of speeches of Maulana Pri Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshband sahib regarding many Islamic topics in Urdu language.
Complete 26 volumes of Khutbat-e-Faqeer in Pdf format. Download links are mentioned below. Clinks of there links and download pdf file to read the book offline.

Volume 1     Volume 2     Volume 3   Volume 4     Volume 5 

Volume 6    Volume 7      Volume 8     Volume 9    Volume 10 

Volume11    Volume 12   Volume 13    Volume 14    Volume 15 

Volume 16   Volume 17   Volume 18    Volume 19    Volume 20 

Volume 21    Volume 22   Volume 23    Volume 24   Volume 25 

Volume 26 

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1 comment:

Beacon said...

Very nice collection.
All the books are in very simple Urdu.
But the link for Volume 11 does not work properly.
It downloaded Volume 3 instead of Volume 11.
Please correct it.

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