Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Applications By Xin Wang

Title of the book is "Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Applications" Written by Xin Wang. Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) are a fundamental element of pervasive networks, where user can communicate anywhere, any time and on the fly. MANETs introduce a new communication paradigm, which does not require a fixed infrastructure; they rely on wireless terminals for routing and transport services. This edited volume covers the most advanced research and development in MANET. It seeks to provide an opportunity for readers to explore the emerging fields about MANET.
It includes five parts in total. Part 1 discusses the emerging vehicular ad-hoc networks. Part 2 focuses on the security and caching protocols. Part 3 introduces some new applications for MANET. Part 4 presents novel approaches in transport-layer protocol design. Some interesting topics about network capacity, power control, etc. are discussed in Part 5.
Download in pdf format to read offline.
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