Sexual Relations & Married Life By Maulana Musa Karmadi

Title name of the book is "Sexual Relations & Married Life" Written by Maulana Musa Karmadi at London. Translated by Mufti Islmail Musa Menk. Explicit Islamic guidelines and rules regarding sexual relations and married life. Islam is the final religion. Such a complete religion it is that after it neither is there anticipation of another religion, nor is there need for any other message. It is a universal, all encompassing and everlasting religion that has guaranteed the fulfillment of the needs of all people.

  The feelings of people, their inclinations, needs, necessities, natural instincts singular as well as collective, inter-family as well as inter-community (social), and every aspect of life falls under certain rules and regulations of this religion. No sphere remains without Divine guidance. 
 The rules governing social conduct include an important part on marriage and sexual relations. How then would it be possible for one to omit giving importance to its rules and regulations?

  Islam is a moderate religion, in line with the natural instincts and needs of man and fully balanced. Therefore the rulings on sexual issues are also such, admitting that it is natural. Thus the instincts placed within the heart and mind of man are all by the Wisdom of Almighty Allah. This natural sexual instinct with all its types, temperaments, conditions and stages in the life of man is one deep reality. Islam has never called for the destruction or abolition of this instinct, neither through celibacy nor sainthood.

  If the fulfillment of the desire as result of one's sexual nature and inclinations is within the limits of Shariah then it has not been classified as forbidden (Haraam). The condition is that the fulfillment of sexual desire at any cost, must not be the sole aim of a person. One must maintain moderation free from both extremes and free from animalistic behaviour. Similarly, unclean, dirty and silly means of fulfilling this desire should not be resorted to. 

  The correct method of fulfilling one's natural sexual desires within the framework of the Laws of Almighty Allah is known as Nikah. Islam has placed detailed rules in this regard and commanded mankind to obey those rules in order for man to be raised above other creatures.

  This booklet is a clear attempt, with boldness, to highlight these rules and regulations. It has been compiled by a great, well known and respectable scholar of Deen, Maulana Musa Karmadi Secretary General of Islamic Education Trust, England UK. He has brought together verses of the Quran sayings of the prophet (peace be upon him), the pious and learned, the doctors and those of experience. In the foreword his mention of the resource books and his appeal to seek clarification from the Muftis (Jurists of the Shariah Law) regarding detailed issues such as artificial fertilization, have added weight to this booklet. The simple language of this booklet and use of common terminology has made it easy for the ordinary reader to benefit tremendously. It has provided sufficient Shari guidance on its topic.
You can download the complete booklet in pdf format from the following link I have added just for you and keep me in your prayer please.
All the books posted here are only for reference and academic functions solely. If you actually love books please support the writers/poets and get the initial laborious copies from the book seller of your native market.
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