Wazifa For The Month of Rajab in Urdu

  Golden wazifa for the Islamic month of Rajab. 1. Reciting Allaha Name “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyumu” for 1000 time 2. Keep 3 roza (Fast) in the whole month. 3. Reciting Durood Sharif for half hour. 4. Read 2 rakaat Nafl Namaz. Within the Nafal namaz after Al-Hamd sharif recite…

The Eden of Heart

  Title name of the book is “The Eden of Heart” Written by Mufti Rasheed Ahmad. An Islamic book about devotions, prays and wazaif in English language. Download in pdf format to read offline. Download link Download link 2All the books posted here are only for reference and academic functions solely….

Dua for success in examination

Dua No.2 “O Lord of the world, verily I ask you for good on this day and your help and your light and your blessing.” If anyone is desirous for success in an examination, interview or any kind of dificult position, they should recite the above dua 99 times. By…

Golden Wazifa to prevent dengue fever

“Oh Allah Ta’ala, I seek your refuge from insanity, Mutilation, Leprosy and from all serious diseases and illnesses “.   Reciting of this Quranic Wazifa provide best and permanent protection and relief  from dengue fever Please don’t forget to share