The Art of Public Speaking By Dale Carnegie

The Art of Public Speaking By Dale Carnegie Pdf Free Download 

The Art of Public Speaking By Dale Carnegie Pdf Free Download

The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie and J. Berg. The
Project Gutenberg eBook of The Art of Public Speaking.
This book stands or falls by its authors’
attitude toward its subject. If the best way to teach oneself or others to speak
effectively in public is to fill the mind with rules, and to set up fixed
standards for the interpretation of thought, the utterance of language, the
making of gestures, and all the rest, then this book will be limited in value
to such stray ideas throughout its pages as may prove helpful to the reader–as
an effort to enforce a group of principles it must be reckoned a failure,
because it is then untrue.
It is of some importance,
therefore, to those who take up this volume with open mind that they should see
clearly at the out-start what is the thought that at once underlies and is
builded through this structure. In plain words it is this:
Training in public speaking is
not a matter of externals–primarily; it is not a matter of imitation–fundamentally;
it is not a matter of conformity to standards–at all. Public speaking is
public utterance, public issuance, of the man himself; therefore the first
thing both in time and in importance is that the man should be and think and
feel things that are worthy of being given forth. Unless there be something of value
within, no tricks of training can ever make of the talker anything more than a
machine–albeit a highly perfected machine–for the delivery of other men’s
goods. So self-development is fundamental in our plan.
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