Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams According to Islamic Inner Traditions

Islamic Dreams Dictionary pdf
Dictionary of Dreams pdf

 Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams According to Islamic Inner Traditions

Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams  is an Islamic dreams reader book which was written by Imam Ibn Seerin originally in Arabic language and translated in to English by Muhammad Al-Akili.

In this book, Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams, the reader will find some of the unique treasures of Muslims’ inner traditions which have rarely surfaced in the West. The resourcefulness of synonyms and attributes used in this dictionary could only come from rich traditions and elaborate social structures. The opinions stated in this book also represent a wealth of similarities between nations and contain spiritual values that must not be overlooked. This book also reveals cultural elements that were once held as a common human understanding. God willing, it will be a bridge between people, and its wisdom may quench the thirst of students as well as seekers on the path of Islamic inner traditions.

Among the masters and scholars in the field of dream interpretation, Eastern people easily recognize the name of Imam Muhammad Ibn Seerin (God bless his soul) who is most honored for his outstanding knowledge and piety. Muhammad Ibn Seerrin Al-Basri was born in the city of Basra in Iraq the year 33 A.H. (653 A.D.) Imam Ibn Seerm was a renowned writer and a respected religious scholar of his time. He lived during the first century of the Islamic caliphate and studied the Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) and the science of prophetic sayings (Hadith) at the hand of the early followers of the companions of God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace. Among his contemporaries were Imam Anas Bin Malik, Al-Hassan Bin Abi Al-Hassan AI-Ba~ri,Ibn ‘Aown, AI-Fudhayl Bin ‘Iyadh, and others.
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