Fatah-e-Makka By Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmil

Title name of the book is “Fatah e Makka” Written by Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmil and translated into Urdu by Maulana Akthar Fatehpuri.
Fateh Makka, The conquer of  Mecca, one of most famous, important and decisive battle of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), when the Muslims attack to conquer Mecca and fight against the enemies of Allah, who was used to kill the Muslims; the Non-Muslims were afraid to examine such a great Army of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and ran out of the battle field. At that time Muslims had the ability to bloodshed and take the revenge of all the misdeeds done by the disbelievers. However NO!! Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) forgave everybody. As a result of that a whole city of Mecca along with the hearts of various individuals was conquered by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)  and so all the individuals of Mecca embraced Islam and have become true Muslims and never did any sins in their lives.
Lets read about this wonderful Victory in Urdu language. Download the complete book in pdf format to read offline.
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