Naghma e Firdaus By Chaudhri Khushi Muhammad Nazir

Naghma -e- Firdous cover

نغمہ فردوس از چوہدری خوشی محمد ناظر

Naghma e Firdaus By Chaudhri Khushi Muhammad Nazar Read online Free Download in Pdf

Naghma-e-Firdaus is a unique collection of classical, religious and social Urdu poetry written more than hundred years ago but the philosophy behind is ever lasting. The selection of words is lovely and charming. This book was first published in 1938.
Author of the book 'Chaudhry Khushi Mohammad Nazir' was the governor of Kashmir in British colonial days.
Ch Khushi Muhammad Nazir joined the civil service of the State of Kashmir soon after he did his masters from Aligarh University which should be around 1894. Upon his retirement from the State service he was called by the ruler of Rampur as his personal advisor. After that he settled on his land in Burewali (Lyallpur) and used to visit Srinagar for summer where his sons and nephews held position of influence. Latter on he was became the governor of Indian Kashmir and was died three years before the freedom came to subcontinent.
He was a distinguished poet, a humanitarian and nature lover. He is in his official attire when he was in civil service of Maharaja of Kashmir. In his personal life,  Khushi Mohammad Nazir was a very humble person. 

The book is in Pdf format and visitors can read this online and download it from the following links.

Naghma-e-Firdaus Part 1

Naghma e Firdaus Part 2

Naghma e Firdaus book is a gift from Mr. M.A Hameed for the visitors of this website. M.A Hameed is the author of several books and articles

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