Pukhtana Shura A Biography By Abdul Hai Habibi

Pukhtana Shuara cover
Title: Pukhtana Shura (Pashtun Poets)
Author: Abdul Hai Habibi
Publishers: University Book Agency Peshawar
Presented by : Pashto Adabi Tolana Kabal
Pukhtana Shura is a Pashto biography book of more than 85 most popular and well known Pashtun poets and writers. A short introduction and history along with famous collection of their poetry. Pashto Hamd of Naat, Rubaiyat, Tapa, Charbeta, Pashto traditional poetry, folk songs and other poems. 
Visitors can read this book online and also download this in Pdf format from the below mentioned links for free.

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