Omar Khayyam in Urdu by Harold Lamb

Omar Khayyam in Urdu
Umar Khayam Urdu

Omar Khayyam in Urdu by Harold Lamb Pdf Free Download

Omar Khayyam was a great poet of Persian language and an expert mathematician. His real name was Abu Alfatah Omar Bin Ibrahim Khayyam. He was born in 1039 in the Nisha Pur in the time of Thughral’s regime. His father’s name was Ibrahim. Due to his occupation he was called “Khayyam”. For this purpose he was also called “Omar Khayyam”. He was very famous all over the word and his poetry was translated in all major languages of the word. His poetry is extremely celebrated and got a lot of appreciation. He was thought of as a good person and great Muslim scientist of the era of Saljoqi.

This book is a comprehensive biography and an interesting historical life story of this great Muslim scientist and religious poet in Urdu language. The book was translated by Jamil Naqvi. This book is divided in two volumes and you can download complete 2 volumes of this book from the below mentioned links in Pdf format to read offline.

Download Volume 1         Download Volume 2 

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