Prophet Jesus: The Miraculous Birth, His Life, The Ascension and Descension By Maulana Ahmad Ali

Prophet Jesus
Prophet Jesus
Prophet Jesus: The Miraculous Birth, His Life, The Ascension and Descension By Maulana Ahmad Ali 
The present and coming generation of Muslim youth living in the West, face issues that were never faced by Muslims in the past. This is due to the fact that our predecessors were brought up and educated in Islamic environments, being taught Islamic ideas at every stage of their progress. This unfortunately is not the case today. We find that many Muslims have migrated to non-Muslim countries, and although they themselves may have kept the Islamic culture, it has been very difficult to pass this on to their young. This is mainly due to the fact that we are continuously being exposed to the non-Islamic way of life through the media, social circles and most importantly the educational system. It is virtually impossible to expect a child to appreciate Islam when he is only taught Islam for a few hours here and there. These few hours are so easily lost when rest of the day is spent in a non-Islamic environment. It is therefore vital for parents to make sure that the youth spend as much time as they can in an Islamic environment but more importantly in Islamic institutions, learning the Deen from the right people. This will not only help them to focus on the straight path but will also help them to stay certain issues, especially those not pertaining to the ritual (Ibadat) or ethics have been overlooked and neglected, even by Muslim teachers. Their importance however has become ever more evident in recent times. The most important of these issues are those which are common with other faiths such as Christianity and Judaism, especially since the educations system is pro-Christian. Although Muslims have been told to respect the Ahle-Kitaab, and correctly so, but they have naively started to accept their ideas and interpretations of certain accounts. An obvious example is that of Prophet Eesa (a.s). The Jewish/ Christian belief regarding the life of Eesa (a.s) is totally different from that of a Muslim one.
Having recognized the negative effect this could have, this short but comprehensive book sets out to describe and explain the complete life of Prophet Eesa (a.s) as described in Islam. It is based on the Holy Quran, the Hadiths and the most sound tests written by early scholars. 
This booklet is essential for every household and school as it clarifies and removes the misconceptions presented by other faiths.
You can download this book from the below mentioned link in Pdf format to read offline.
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