A Gift to the Distressed By Maulana Abu Usamah Ayub

Quranic Verses and Ahadith in English
A Gift to the Distressed

A Gift to the Distressed By Maulana Abu Usamah Ayub 

In this booklet, such Quranic verses and Ahadith have been gathered, that are relevant to people undergoing difficulty, in the form of financial straits, illness, death of a close one and the like. 
These verses and Ahadith are being presented to the reader for the purpose of pondering. By carefully pondering over them he well find answers to his problems, and will be able to derive lessons from its warnings and admonitions. Simultaneously he will receive immense solace and comfort.
It is advised that the Arabic text be recited first then the English translation. Whilst reading visualize that Allah is speaking to you, and this is His and His Rasul's message for you.
Click on the link given below to read online or download the file.
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