Women Who Deserve To Go To Hell by Mansur Abdul Hakeem

Women Who Deserve To Go To Hell by Mansur Abdul Hakeem Pdf Free Download 

Women Who Deserve To Go To Hell Pdf Free Download

Women Who Deserve To Go To Hell Written by Mansur Abdul Hakeem with intention of awakening women to reality. They may be cautions and not misled by mischievous promises of a liberated life.
Women Who Deserve To Go To Hell tell us examples of women who deserve to go to Hell . This book tells them of the things and way of life they must avoid. Some outstanding pious women whose lives they may emulate are also mentioned. 
There follows a description of Hell and its inmates. Perhaps in learning of this, we may fear our consequences and correct our lives.
Next there is glimpse of the lives of women who had an ideal opportunity to live with Prophets, but they lost it. Their objective was to portray their individual personality as distinct from their husband.
Umm Jamil and her husband Abu Lahab are next mentioned. They did the most they could to make life difficult for the noble Prophet (slallallahu alaihi wasallam), but they had to pay dearly in this life and will face punishment in the next. A brief account of Phophet Yahya's life follows. The role of Salumi and Herodiya in his life is described. Daughter and mother- whose Biblical names are Selome and Herodias were responsible for killing the Prophet (s.a.w).
The book winds up with a conclusion and sound advice for women. Download in pdf format to read offline.

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