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Dec 15, 2011

Kitab-ur-Rooh By Imam Ibne Qayyim

Kitab-ur-Rooh in Urdu
کتاب الرُوح از امام ابن قیم

Kitab-ur-Rooh in Urdu By Imam Ibne Qayyim Pdf Free Download 

Kitab-ur-Rooh ( The Book of Soul) was written by Imam Ibe Qayyim originally in Arabic. This abridged translation into Urdu was worked by Maulana Abudl Majeed Siddique. An Islamic Encyclopedia of Soul (Rooh). Islamic concept about "Rooh" The Soul, life & Death. Learn in Urdu, what is Soul (Rooh) in the light of Quran and Haiths. 
Click on the link mentioned below to start downloaing Kitab ur Rooh book in Pdf format.

Download Kitab ur Rooh Urdu Pdf

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