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Nov 29, 2011

Firdous-e-Iblees Part 1 By Inayat Ullah

Firdous-e-Iblees Novel Part 1
Firdus e Iblees Novel

Firdous-e-Iblees Part 1 By Inayat Ullah Pdf Free Download

Firdous-e-Iblees Part 1. Story of Hassn Bin Saba and his fraud artificial Heaven . Full Suspense and mystery Urdu novel. This novel was written by Inayat Ullah. 
You can download Firdous e Iblees Part 1 from the below mentioned link in Pdf format.
Other parts of this novel is here

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farhan ahmed said...

baaqi parts nahin hain kya??????????//

Free Pdf Books said...

Dear Brother Farhan Ahmad. Part 2,3 & 4 of this novel is here.

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